The Puppeteers of America National Festival
was held July 8-14, 2001 in Tampa, FL  USA

Puppeteers from across North America and the world spent the second week of July on the campus of the University of Tampa celebrating their passion for puppetry arts.  It was a week of non-stop workshops, performances, and the exchange of ideas... and the food was actually good!

Marionette legend Jim Rose was among the performers.

Peter Effaldana demonstrates a cable controlled puppet at the festival exhibit.

Both people and puppets alike flocked to the historic Tampa Theatre to attend special animation and Sesame Street events.

For a complete list of all the workshops and performances, click here to visit the original pre-festival website.

If you would like to contribute photos to the post festival website, email them to   We have posted a gallery of festival favorites, and you will receive full photo credit.   Click the gallery link in the previous sentence to see what we have so far.

Hey, if you liked the festival, why not send a quick note to the staff members to thank them for their hard work in getting it planned and executed so well?  Some of those people are listed here.

Festival Directors Jody Wren
Frank Lakus
Workshop Director Monica Leo
Artistic Directors Bill Weber
Steve Abrams
Registrar Priscilla Lakus
Exhibit Director Bill Lorenzen
Festival Store The Bartelt Family

Also thanks go out to all the people who attended and made the festival an even bigger success.  Without festival attendees, the exchange of ideas could not happen (and no one would applaud at the end of the performances).  If you get started on thanking all of the attendees now, you should get through all 500 of them before the next national festival at Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 2003!